Vets4Pets was founded in 1972 and has grown to provide a wide range of small animal veterinary care in Adelaide, through eight convenient locations in Adelaide’s.

We are dedicated to small animal veterinary care and seek to offer pets and owners large practice resources combined with personal veterinary care.

Every Vets4Pets local practice offers modern equipment and highly trained people who love animals. We believe in offering the best in general veterinary care at reasonable prices.

We will always ensure an experienced vet will oversee treatment of your pet for as long as you remain our client. Should your pet need a specific service (such as ultrasound, orthopaedic surgery etc), special equipment or even hospitalisation, your case manager draws upon the extensive skills and facilities of the Vets4Pets Group. We also offer emergency care at Golden Grove Emergency Veterinary Hospital.

Most importantly, we are always looking to improve and value your feedback in how we can do so.