Medical and Diagnostic Imaging

Having medical imagine equipment on site allow us to give you fast diagnose for many health issues. Also, by diagnosing the right issue quickly mean we don’t spend time exploring for problems while we can be fixing them Not all veterinary surgeries have the necessary equipment. Our clinics feel this is important to ensure your pet gets the best treatment as soon as possible. Common imaging equipment to use includes;

Radiology (X-ray)

Radiology is best for looking at structural parts of the body suck as the skeleton. Todays advanced imaging equipment allows vets to investigate many areas of the body, from chest X-rays to spinal issues.


An endoscopy is performed with a tiny camera on a hose that can travel down your pet’s digestive tract without having to perform surgery. Endoscopy procedures are commonly used for diagnostic purposes, as well as to take tissue samples for further analysis.


With ultrasound, we can monitor the way blood flows through the body as well and see internal structures of abdominal organs.