Our highly skilled veterinary surgeons offer advanced care and gentle treatment. As pet owners ourselves we know this can be a nervous time. We will do our best to keep you updated throughout your pet’s procedure and stay with us. We will provide any necessary drugs and advise you as to how to ensure a smooth recovery.

We conduct both emergency surgery and elective surgery.

Emergency surgeries are often the result of an accident where fast surgical intervention is required to ensure your pet survives the ordeal. Elective surgery is often used for more common procedures such as desexing or surgeries to improve the quality of life to you pet.

What to expect from surgery?

Whether your surgery is elective or emergency, our team will discuss options that you have. As much as is possible we try to let you know what to expect, before, during and after the surgery.  When you book your pet in for surgery, your vet will tell you:

  • What time to bring your pet in
  • The rules for no food and no water, prior to surgery
  • That they will care for your pet expertly and with love
  • To expect a call to let you know how the surgery has gone
  • What time to collect your pet
  • Any medication that is needed post-surgery
  • When to bring your pet back for a check-up

Occasionally for complicated or specialist problem we may recommend a specialist surgeon to you.

Talk to your vet

Making decisions about animal surgery can be hard. Some choices are clear, others offer pros and cons, as well as cost unfortunately can become a decision. Feel free to talk to your vet about any concerns. We recommend to make a list of all the questions you have. Our vets will help you with the decisions, and will tell you exactly what to expect.

While we hope your pet never requires surgery, we recommend taking out pet insurance. This can help make a tough time a little bit easier should your pet have any problems.