Adult Dogs Annual Health Check

If you are a dog owner in Adelaide, annual health checks are recommended for your dog, so any emerging problems can be diagnosed before treatment becomes difficult or costly. Your pet’s annual health check is also an ideal opportunity to check and update its vaccination status to ensure disease prevention. Contact Vets4Pets Now.

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm is spread by mosquitoes and treatment is costly, at times impossible. Prevention is easy and there are products to suit every budget.

Intestinal Worming

This is especially important for young animals because they lack resistance to infestation. Some intestinal worms can be passed to humans and may cause blindness and chronic skin irritation.

Flea Treatment

Fleas can seriously affect your pet’s comfort & wellbeing. Prevention is easy. Ask Vets4Pets which brand will work best for your animal. Products that are applied to the skin on the back of the neck – the so-called ‘top spots’ – get the best results.

Nutritional Advice

Vets4Pets believes that great health starts with the right nutrition and will help you find the best diet for your pet.

Dental Care

Just like us, your pet needs dental care to avoid health complications. All Vets4Pets’ practices are fully equipped for dental treatments, including scaling & polishing. Book a check up now and learn more about Vet4Pets’ full range of dental products including chews, special diets, tooth pastes, brushes and water supplements.

Surgery (Orthopaedic and Soft Tissue)

Vets4Pets’ operating theatres and practices are fitted with the latest equipment to perform top quality surgery and procedures. Practitioners continuously extend their skills and qualifications. Fully trained and qualified nurses closely monitor patients in shifts as they recover.

Ultrasound and X-Ray Equipment

All Vets4Pets’ veterinary practices are equipped with X-Ray machines and the Golden Grove Emergency Hospital is fitted out with the latest digital X-Ray equipment. The ultrasound machine is one of the most recent and is operated by our highly regarded ultrasonographer who has postgraduate qualifications and years of experience.

Skin Disease Treatment and Allergy Testing

At Vets4Pets we can help your animal companion with skin problems. We use the latest blood test to determine your pet’s particular allergy so that treatment gets the best results.

Behavioural Medicine and Advice

You can overcome behavioural problems in your animal companion. Vets4Pets can help you solve problems like excessive dog barking, aggression, separation anxiety, house training, phobias and more.


Any dog can become lost. The sure way to locate and identify your pet is with a microchip ID. This simple and inexpensive device will prove your ownership. Contact your local council for information on financial incentives to microchip pets.

Dogs and Pets Insurance Advice

Should your pet have an accident or suffer a sudden illness, the medical costs can be several hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You could be left with unforeseen costs or a decision about your pet’s life based on affordability of treatment. Pet Health Insurance buys you the peace of mind to know that the best treatment will be available, whatever the cost. Ask Vets4Pets about your insurance options.

Boarding Facilities

Vets4Pets’ boarding centre adjacent to our Salisbury Park Veterinary Hospital offers a very high standard of care and accommodation for a wide range of pets. Each animal has a safe, healthy and stress-free environment, is supervised by our on site vet, checked by nurses many times per day, and exercised regularly. Pets are fed a premium diet or medically specified food and receive any prescribed medicine during their stay. Inspections are welcome.

Overseas Travel Service

Vets4Pets can help simplify and ensure this process is trouble free. Our Salisbury Park Veterinary Hospital is fully accredited to assist you with the necessary documentation, health checks, blood tests and advice needed to ensure the safe relocation of your pet.

Lost and Found Service

Should your pet become lost, immediately contact one of Vets4Pets’ nurses. We will take the details, put them on our system and alert our practices across Adelaide’s northern suburbs, reuniting you as quickly as possible.

Grief Counselling

Vets4Pets’ staff are trained to help you at this difficult time. If you have special requirements, we can assist in many ways. In circumstances of euthanasia or cremation, we can arrange home visits with the return of the ashes.

Accessories and Quality products

Vets4Pets offers a wide range of specially selected products that really work. This is well worth a look when you visit your local practice.