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Starting From Only $34.95 per month*

At Vets4Pets we believe that prevention is better than cure, which is why we have developed our Pet Healthcare Plan. Each Plan is designed to cover all the regular essentials, such as booster vaccinations as well as 6-monthly check-ups.

Regular visits mean we can make sure we dispense accurate and up to date treatments. It also gives us the opportunity to monitor the general health of your pet and notice those often subtle changes that indicate something may be wrong.

We have worked hard to make sure our plan is cost effective, so you can relax knowing your pet is receiving the optimal care to keep them fit and healthy, whilst also saving you money.

Join our Pet Healthcare Plan today and ensure the optimum wellness of your furry family member as well as saving money on your annual routine veterinary care. This healthcare plan is completely transferable between all Vets4Pets practices.

* Plus initial joining fee. For the full terms and conditions of our Pet Healthcare Plan, contact your nearest Vets4Pets location.

Peace of Mind

Below are just some of the benefits of joining our Healthcare Plan:

  • The Healthcare Plan offers preventative health care treatments, services and products which gives you peace of mind knowing that you are investing in your pet’s happy and healthy future.
  • The Healthcare Plan provides a comprehensive range of key healthcare treatments, services and products.
  • The products and services available within the plan increase the level of diagnosis and therefore help to identify and prevent potential illnesses earlier.
  • Monthly Direct Debits offering an affordable solution.
  • An annual saving of at least $100 (Gold Plan) to $300 (Platinum Plan) per year! Please ask our team for more details.

Not only does our Pet Healthcare Plan give you the reassurance of knowing you are providing the best possible care for your pet, it also helps you spread the cost of routine treatments throughout the year.

You simply make an initial payment, followed by monthly equal Direct Debit payments and we take care of the rest.

Our health plans offer you and your pet a cost effective way of paying for routine veterinary care, saving you money on preventative healthcare and spreading the payments throughout the year.

You will have peace of mind that all the regular preventative treatments will be provided and we will remind you when they are due.

Regular health checks at your vet are a good way to monitor your pets ongoing health and identify any problems as early as possible. You are also ensuring that you are doing the best to keep your pet fit and healthy throughout their life.

Healthcare Plan Questions and Answers

Puppies, Kittens, Cats and Dogs

No. The Healthcare plan is not an insurance policy, it is a wellness plan designed to promote and maintain the total wellbeing of your furry family member.

Unlimited nurse consultations with professional advices given by one of our Qualified Veterinary Nurses. Two free veterinary examinations (unwell patient), one vaccination including an examination per year and one comprehensive health assessment examination (Vets4Pets believes in twice a year check up for a better preventative care). One Emergency (out of hours) consultation per year discounted to regular consultation price at our 24/7 Golden Grove Emergency Hospital.

You will still be liable for any costs of treatments or medications outside the Healthcare Plan as you would if you were going for a normal health check.

None! We genuinely believe in the welfare of your best friend. The Healthcare Plan is designed to assist you in providing optimal health benefits throughout the life of your treasured pet.