We are sure you have all seen in the media recent talk about a world veterinary shortage.


All over Australia clinics are currently running at a limited capacity as unfortunately we simply do not have the vets and nurses to meet demand. Whilst we are working to grow our teams, this is a slow and involved process.


When there is lack of staffing the schedule suffers. We are currently booking up our schedules up to 3 to 4 weeks in advance for routine appointments like vaccines or wellness checks.


Our experienced qualified vet nurses are doing nurse consulting to help take the pressure off some of our vets. Please consider an appointment with them, if possible, for things like anal glands being expressed, nail trims, blood testing collection, heartworm & arthritis prevention injections.


We will always endeavour to get unwell pets in as soon as possible but sometimes this takes some flexibility on both sides.


With our schedules being so jam packed it means that sometimes we will have to reschedule your routine appointment to get a really unwell animal in. We only ever do this as a last resort and on the bright side – if we’re rescheduling you, it means your pets appointment isn’t a life-or-death scenario!


Please be assured that our staff are doing the absolute best they can. Unfortunately, we cannot book appointments in a schedule that is fully booked. Believe us, we are frustrated too! We appreciate your patience and kindness during these challenges.