Helping Your Pet And Protecting Your Budget

Help to manage your pets’ medical expenses and make sure they get the care they need, every time they need it.

Animal medical conditions can be unpredictable and costly, and there is no “Medicare” for pets. Vets4Pets has found that for less than a dollar a day you can have complete peace of mind knowing your animal companion can have the best possible veterinary support any time.

Why insure my pet?

  • Check out these little known facts:
  • One in three pets needs veterinary treatment every year;
  • Around 80% of the owners of older pets claim on pet insurance annually;
  • 3rd party’ legal claims against pet owners are increasing;
  • Veterinary expenses will rise with inflation; and
  • Insurance claims for pets are more likely than claims for your household or your car.

How to compare policies

There are lots of providers of pet health care insurance and policies vary a lot. Vets4Pets does not recommend any single provider or brand but assists pet owners choose a policy to suit their pet’s needs. Here are a few quick tips from Vets4Pets to help:

What are the different types of insurance?
For veterinary expenses, you can choose life-long cover, annual cover or protection for a specific illness. You can even get death cover. Policies vary with the species and breed of your pet, age and medical history. Talk to your local vet about the risks for your pet.

What is covered and what is not?
You need to read the fine print or ask your local vet. What is covered can vary a lot. Here are two common examples:

Q. Can I insure an older pet?
A: Many pet insurance companies will not start cover for pets beyond a certain age (usually 8 years for a dog, although for some breeds the cut off age may be at 5 years). However, once your pet is insured most companies continue cover as long as you stay with that insurance company.

Q. Are hereditary pet health conditions covered?
A. Only some policies cover hereditary problems but if hereditary issues arise in the first few weeks or were diagnosed prior to the policy being taken out, they will almost certainly be excluded. Also, some companies specifically exclude hereditary hip problems.

Vets4pets can advise you about your pet’s specific hereditary problems and about what policy will suit your requirements.

Other things to think about
Policy Excess: As with most forms of insurance, the higher the excess (first portion of any claim) you can afford to pay, the lower the premium.

Waiting Period: Cover will usually begin 14 days after your application has been received,
although some companies will cover accidental injury as soon as the policy comes
into force.

Pet Insurance is an Affordable Solution

For a modest monthly payment you can have peace of mind knowing that, in the event of illness or accident (major or minor), around 80% of veterinary fees will be recovered.

Pet insurance is an underutilised resource in Australia. Join other pet lovers and make quality healthcare available for your animal friends.


There are a number of companies offering insurance policies for pets in Australia.

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Make a booking to discuss your needs

We encourage owners to make a booking with their local vet to discuss the advantages of insurance and the specific needs of their pet sooner rather than later. Remember, insurance companies will always give you a better deal if you come to them before your pet has a problem.