Give your puppy the best start in life

Help your puppy learn obedience, tricks and how to get along with other dogs. Establish healthy behaviour and enjoy bonding with your pup as he or she grows in confidence in a vet practice environment.

Why take my puppy to school?

Just like kids, puppies come in lots of different shapes and sizes with very different personalities. Some are shy, some are boisterous – and all puppies are playful.

The puppy stage is critical in a dog’s life. Between the ages of 6-16 weeks all puppies go through a socialisation period, when everything they see, hear and experience (both good and bad) influences their adult behaviour.

Puppy Pre-School is a course designed to help you understand your pup’s development into a happy, healthy and well-behaved adult dog.

You and your family can bond with your pet while learning to train your puppy in basic obedience and social skills in a fun and safe learning environment. At the same time you will receive valuable information about canine general health care, preventative medicine and how to tackle and prevent behavioural problems.

Puppy Pre-School participants are also given comprehensive notes on all the subjects covered in class, a multitude of free samples and the chance to ask our knowledgeable instructors any questions.

What topics are covered?

A variety of health issues, basic training, and behavioural topics are covered including:

  • How to socialise with other pups, kids and adults
  • How to get your pup to listen and respond to you
  • Basic Obedience – Sit, Come, Stay, Heel
  • House Training
  • How to encourage good behaviours (and stop the not-so-good ones)
  • Nutrition, Dental Care, Grooming & Clipping Nails.
  • Desexing, Vaccinations & Microchipping..

How old does my puppy need to be?

While we prefer puppies start Puppy Pre-School when 8-12 weeks old, smaller pups can enrol up to a maximum of 14 weeks.

What about the rest of the family?

Children over 6 years and all family members are encouraged to attend classes and bond with their new family member.

Are there any prerequisites?

Your puppy must have had their first set of puppy vaccinations at least 2 weeks prior to commencement and must also be healthy each time they attend a class. Owners must also bring along a big smile and a little patience!

How to Enrol

Classes run all year. You can join one at our Angle Vale, Northgate, Ridgehaven, Salisbury Park and Mawson Lakes classes. Lessons are held once a week for 5 weeks from 7.30pm to 8.30 pm. Contact your local practice to learn on what day each course is held. If you and your puppy are interested in attending Puppy Pre-School classes, please contact
your nearest practice.

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