Are you going away?

Boarding with Vets4Pets ensures quality accommodation and professional care for your dog, cat, bird, rabbit, amphibian or reptile in comfortable, secure and peaceful surroundings.

If you’re going away, Vets4Pets offers a ‘home away from home’ boarding service for your pet. Owners appreciate our relaxed surroundings, caring staff and immediate access to the professional facilities of our Salisbury Park Veterinary Hospital located right next door.

How we provide for your pet

Tender Loving Care
Our team members are animal lovers, so you can be confident that each pet will receive lots of loving attention. We are particularly watchful and supportive of older animals. You can rest assured your pet will be snug and secure.

Professional Medical Support
With fully qualified veterinarians and nursing staff in charge, your pet’s special needs will be met, including requirements for diabetic, epileptic or arthritic animals. You will have peace of mind knowing that medications will be administered on schedule and should your pet fall ill, he/she will receive prompt professional veterinary attention. Also, if requested, your pet can be desexed or have dental work done during its stay with us.

Accommodation for Dogs
At the Salisbury Park Boarding Facility we offer an indoor climate-controlled environment and shady outdoor areas with water features and ‘Aussie Dog’ toys. Secure exercise yards and personal handling ensure a playful, safe and contented stay for your dog. Spoi ling Your Dog By popular demand, we have introduced hydrobathing upon request at our Boarding Facility. For a discounted fee of $11.00 – $25.00 your dog can be thoroughly bathed and freshened-up immediately before returning home.

Accommodation for Cats
Your cat will enjoy expansive pens with play towers, shelves and furniture, and plenty of space for exercise. Vets4Pets facilities are fully air conditioned and heated with natural lighting provided via skylights. We are also able to keep families of cats together. Accommodat ion for Other Pets Vets4Pets also provides quality accommodation and excellent care for birds, rabbits, amphibians and reptiles. All facilities are designed and managed by fully qualified veterinarians and nursing staff to properly cater for every creature’s unique needs.

Feeding Arrangements
Our boarders are fed premium food by qualified staff. We provide special diets if required (in some cases you may need to supply your pet’s food). We do our best to manage feeding requests for the fussiest eater.

General Information

Your pet’s accommodation is completely self-contained and separate from the day care hospital, however we require that all animals must be fully vaccinated (Canine C5 or Feline F3) and that worming and flea treatment is up to date.

Full payment is required at the time of arrival and Vets4Pets accepts cash, EFTPOS, Visa and Mastercard.

Our long opening hours encourage weekends away. Just drop your pet off before 7pm Friday and pick him or her up any time after 9am Monday morning.

You are very welcome to inspect the facilities. The best time to visit is between 11:30am and 3pm Mondays to Fridays. Come and visit us soon!

Please note that while your pet will be attended to over the weekend, reception is not open Saturdays after 12:30 or Sundays and public holidays.

Make a Booking

We encourage owners to call or make bookings in advance by telephone to avoid disappointment – especially for school and public holidays.

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