If you have a pet then you’re a “pet mum”… in fact, you probably don’t even need to be female to be a pet mum. Regardless of whether your pet is a dog or cat, a horse or a bird, whatever they are, then you’re a pet mum!


Pets are special members of the family. They enrich our lives and provide emotional support and companionship, therefore being a pet mum is an important and fulfilling role. In acknowledgement of the importance of mothers, this Mothers’ Day we pay tribute to all the pet mums, and we look at ten reasons why being a pet mum can be fun and rewarding.


1. Pets give life perspective

Had a “dog” of a day? It doesn’t matter how rotten people have been to you during the day, whether you’ve been chewed out by your boss, dumped by your latest flame, or no one laughed at your best joke, there’ll be someone at home who only has eyes for you, and who’ll be glad to see you, no matter what.


Pets help you to look at a lousy day from a different perspective, and to see things through their eyes. It’s a priceless gift that will help restore your faith in the world.


2. Pets make you laugh out loud

If you’re a pet mum you’ll know to always have your camera nearby to get a snap of their shenanigans. Who hasn’t had to hide a smile when they’ve found their pet drinking from their glass, practicing yoga, or pretending they didn’t hear their name being called. Whether you catch them helping themselves to something from your plate, or in the seat that you vacated for a split second (and looking the other way as though it’s no big deal) they’re always a step ahead, and doing something to make you laugh.


3. Goodbye loneliness, hello shadow

We love having them around, but do they really need to wait in the bathroom with us while we’re going to the toilet, or wanting to be the one in the middle of a kiss? All cat mums know what it’s like to have a kitty statue at their feet while peeling prawns, and dog mums know to plan for the uninvited dinner guest who turns up under the table when the food is served.


Even though they can be annoyingly persistent at the wrong times, they’re with us through the good times and the bad. They don’t judge us, or hold grudges, and they’re qualities of a true friend.


4. They support you, no matter what you do… or say

As a pet mum you’re the boss, and whatever you say, goes…right? You’re the one who concedes to their demand for a nurse when you’re wearing dark colours, and you’re the one who feeds them when they demand it… the one who lets them sleep on the bed on a cold night, and has learned to accept that fur everywhere, is a fact of life.


As a result, they’ll support you no matter what you do. It doesn’t matter whether you date the person your family hates, or get a hairstyle that makes your mother cry, they’ll think everything you do is just great!


5. Pets are good for human families

Kids love animals, and it’s no wonder. They feature in children’s story books, and on clothes and toys. Having pets around helps to teach kids responsibility and empathy, and helps them to learn, as children are normally relaxed around them.


Having pets also helps children develop nurturing skills, which is particularly important for boys, as they sometimes have fewer opportunities than girls who usually have dolls and other “people” to look after. Pets also help to build family bonds as the pet can often be the focus of activities that involve the whole family, such as walking, bathing, or feeding.


6. Pets are good for your health

Petting an animal can be a way to increase calmness and lower blood pressure, and research indicates that they can also help with anxiety. Not surprisingly, the companionship that pets provide can help people who suffer from loneliness and depression.


Walking a dog ensures you get exercise, and with a pet there’s always someone willing to play. Whether it’s for walkies, chasing each other around the house, or a game of hide and seek, you will always have an exercise partner ready and willing for a work-out.


Several studies have suggested that children growing up in a home with animals, whether they’re cats, dogs, or other furry friends, have less risk of asthma and allergies.  In fact, long term research has proven that living with pets provides a variety of health benefits.


7. Get ready to learn some of life’s important lessons

While we humans are focussed on tomorrow, and are often worrying about the past, our pets live in the moment and are focused on the here-and-now. They’re a great lesson on how to appreciate today, and to follow our instincts.  Our pets trust and act on their instincts.  We, on the other hand, rationalise what our instincts tell us, and consequently often dismiss important warnings.  


Another important lesson we learn from our pets, is not to take ourselves too seriously. Who hasn’t had their heart warmed by watching their pet fully absorbed in a fun game without a care in the world about how they look or whether others are judging them? It’s a great lesson on the importance of silencing our inner-critic.


8. Pets keep you on your toes

Don’t try to get away with anything sneaky, because there’s always someone watching you. No matter what you do, they don’t miss a thing. As well as keeping an eye on them, they’re keeping their eye on you.


They provide endless entertainment with their antics and help to keep your mind alert and focussed. Keeping them out of trouble, and adequately entertained, will be sure to stop your mind from wandering.


9. Expect an increase in your popularity

Your star will never shine brighter than when you’re a pet mum…  your pet will be awaiting your entrance no matter what you’re wearing, or whether you stumble out of the garage rather than down the red carpet.  Your grand, and not-so-grand entrances, will always be met with excitement.


You’ll also become more popular with strangers, who will immediately have rapport with you as a mummy of the same species as them. People love to talk about their pets like they’re children, and if you’re a dog mum you’re bound to meet other dog mums at the park, or people who want to give your dog a pat. Having a pet is a great opportunity to socialise more.


10. Pets love unconditionally

No one will love you, or fail to find fault with you, like your pets. They’re grateful for the time they get to spend with you, and when you’re away, they want you to come back. They don’t care how you look, the choices your make, or how you lead your life… they just love you.


Pets give you something very valuable, and for which to be thankful, and time spent with them is never wasted. The world would be a better place if people loved the way our pets do.


Happy Mother’s Day to all pet mums for from the team at Vets4Pets.  Your furry kids love you!