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By Vets4Pets Veterinarians in Adelaide on 3 June 2020

It is an unfortunate fact of life that dogs and cats will age faster than we do. Generally, large dog breeds will have shorter lifespans than smaller dogs, and we consider a dog to be senior at 7 years of age.


Usually, pets are considered seniors when they are seven years and older – but this is breed and size dependent.


By Vets4Pets Veterinarians in Adelaide on 1 June 2020

Here are some more tips that may help reduce your cat and dog’s level of distress and anxiety as COVID-19 restrictions ease. 

If you have any concerns with your pet, we have our behavioural consults available at Angle Vale with Dr Kevin Reineck. To book an appointment, please call Angle Vale Clinic on 8284 7711 today.


By Vets4Pets Veterinarians in Adelaide on 1 June 2020

The key to making your cat's trip to the vet (or any trip in their carry cage), a stress free one is creating a positive association with their cage, carrier or cat box. Here are some simple steps to help make your cat's excursions more pleasant for you and your feline friend.


By Vets4Pets Veterinarians in Adelaide on 18 March 2020

Concerns about COVID-19 – Coronavirus – are increasing at a rapid pace and people are starting to think about the potential medium-to-longer term impacts on their lifestyle and routines. The information below is provided to help allay some of the concerns about pets and COVID-19, as well as provide some helpful information regarding your pets if you are required to self-isolate.


By Vets4Pets Veterinarians in Adelaide on 18 March 2020

We wanted to reach out to you in this time of uncertainty around the ever evolving COVID-19. The health and wellbeing of our clients and our staff is always at the forefront of our minds, and as such we are taking steps to ensure we minimise the risk of transmission of this virus to all parties.

By Vets4Pets Veterinarians in Adelaide on 11 July 2019

So, why are humans so afraid of sharks? Contrary to popular belief, the Australian Shark Attack File in 2015 revealed that shark-attack injuries and fatalities total very low in the larger scheme of injuries/deaths related to other water-related activities. In fact, more people die of falling coconuts each year than shark attacks.

By Vets4Pets Veterinarians in Adelaide on 30 May 2019

It's not easy facing the prospect of your beloved pets growing old, but with appropriate care you can help enhance, and potentially extend their lives. Understanding the specific health care needs of senior pets and being a vigilant pet parent, can help you in giving your ageing pet the best quality of life possible in their senior years. Remember that being senior doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re at the end of their lives; You both just need to learn how to do things differently and cater for their changing needs.


Never underestimate the value of your love and affection, as it will be needed even more as your pets get older. Honour them and the love and companionship they’ve shown you over your years together by being there for them at this important stage of their lives. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact any of the Vets4Pets teams.

By Vets4Pets Veterinarians in Adelaide on 12 March 2019

We all love our pets and wish they could live forever but as we’ve still not found the fountain of youth, our best bet is simply keeping them healthy and happy. So, what is necessary for a long and fulfilling life when it comes to our furry family members, and how can we influence it? Following is a non-exhaustive list, yet it covers the key aspects, and some of them are surprisingly simple.

By Vets4Pets Veterinarians in Adelaide on 5 March 2019

Society widely acknowledges the significance of human-animal relationships, as they encourage a level of responsibility, nurturance, and connection with nature, but are pets good for our health? You bet they are, and while some of the reasons are obvious, ongoing research is finding a range of other physical and psychological human health benefits about which you may be surprised. Following are eight good reasons to own a pet, but there countless more.

By Vets4Pets Veterinarians in Adelaide on 5 March 2019

Being human means trips to the doctor from time-to-time and being a pet means trips to the vet, and no matter whether it’s for a routine check-up or a serious illness, they can be stressful. A condition that’s familiar to doctors is the “white coat syndrome” which occurs when patients who are feeling stressed about the visit have higher blood pressure than they might if they were relaxing at home. The same principle can apply to animals, and pets who are generally relaxed and easy-going might show signs of anxiety even during a standard check-up.


There’s no need for these visits to be overwhelming, and with practice and preparation a trip to the vet can be less stressful for everyone. Following are some tips on how to help your pets overcome the white coat syndrome.

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What our clients say about Vets4Pets

G'day! Just wanted to personally say Thank you for the care you took in accessing our four legged boy; we knew he was not coming home with us, but my husband and I REALLY and genuinely appreciate everyone's caring and support along the way!
P.S. The Forget me Not seeds were VERY touching indeed!
I have been going to Golden Grove Veterinary Hospital for many a year!
Recently, sadly, I left with a tear!
As the last of our animals has to be put to sleep; knew it was the logical and humane thing to do!
From the ladies at reception (who attended my rather panicky phone call) to the vets upon entering, everyone demonstrates their caring behavior as if the pets were their own.
After a careful and thorough exam, the vet calmly explained the situation and options available too!
Our animal and I both knew!
He would not be returning that day, which was the right thing to do!
I know Golden Grove Veterinary Hospital is in the business of making money, but it is the little things that mean A LOT; ESPECIALLY when one is grieving the loss of their pet (and last) too!
A card arrived in the mail, was perfect timing on the day!
It expressed what most people cannot say!
It DID bring comfort and there was another bonus (which REALLY meant a lot)
Enclosed in the card were seeds Forget Me Not!
Anyone who knows me, KNOWS I am a sooky la-la when it comes to animals, TRUE!
But I especially would like to share this poem about "A pet so special...can never be forgotten.
Losing a pet is saying goodbye to a good friend, but memories of kindness, love and companionship are with you forever.
I hope you enjoy too!
I HIGHLY recommend Golden Grove Veterinary Hospital for everything ALL of their staff does do!
-Joanne F

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